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The Guardia Civil has detained in Spain several Latino fugitives reclaimed internationally

The Spanish Guardia Civil in collaboration with the Interpol National Centre Office, have detained ten fugitive delinquents wanted from several countries, among then Hispanic-Argentinian, a Brazilian, a Peruvian and a Haitian.

According to a Guardia Civil statement, the ten detained are facing charges on the crimes of homicide, corruption of minors, sexual aggression, drug trafficking, money laundering, computer fraud, fiscal crimes and frauds.

Of the eight arrested on the peninsular, two were found in Valencia, two in Madrid, two in Alicante, and three in Barcelona. All are male and aged between 27 and 61 of diverse nationalities. Two Spanish, the Haitian and the Peruvian for drug trafficking. For the same crime two Hispanic-Argentinians, one Italian, one Brazilian, one Moroccan and one Russian.

Arrests elsewhere – one is British wanted by Spain for the crime of money laundering, tax evading and document falsification – he was arrested by Interpol in Panama, after Spanish authorities tracked him down.

The other arrest aboard is a Colombian citizen, charged with the crimes of sexual aggression and was under investigation by the Guardia Civil and Colombian Police, finally he was arrested in Belgium by their national police.

The operation was developed by the Guardia Civil Central Operative Unit for Fugitive from Justice in their barracks in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Alicante.