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The Guardia Civil has actually smashed the largest designer drug ever seen in Spain– with 52 apprehended

130,000 doses impounded from the brand-new substances such as NSP.

With 2 operations by the Guardia Civil in collaboration with other European security forces and Europol.

2 operations baptised ‘Alimaya’ and ‘Koroway’ established in Alicante and Almería respectively has allowed the taking apart of the organisations dedicated to trafficking these so-called Legal Highs which produce effects such as marihuana and its derivatives, alternative amphetamines, MDMA and cocaine.The Guardia Civil detectives have actually stated in a press conference the details of the operation with their General Director Arsenio Fernández de Mesa, the Government delegate for the National Drugs plan Francisco Asis Babín, and the director of the Spanish Agency for Medicaments and Sanitary Products, Belén Crespo.

It worries compounds which are appearing on the marketplace, and called ‘of abuse’, however they are not categorized as illegal drugs, however its usage might expect a hazard to public health and they are catalogued because of that. They can even be fatal.Sales are enhancing, sold as ‘legal bliss’, ‘chemical items under examination’, ‘plant fertilizer’ and most regularly ‘bath salts’.

Every year in the European Union alone find some 100 new drugs, which increase to 560 which are now controlled under the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.