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The Infanta Cristina is to rest on the accused bench again

The president of the hall has announced calendar dates for Friday 10 or Tuesday 14 of June for the King’s sibling to testify again.

The case which is processing the Infanta Cristina, her spouse and another 15 people is already reaching closing stages and today the president of the hall, Samantha Romero, made the statement.


Infanta Cristina – archive picture The skilled evidence which begins today will be heard throughout the morning, in between 9.15 and 15.00 with a break of 15 minutes.In function
of the advancement of the experts, if they are fast, on Friday 10 the celebrations have to provide their final conclusions.This day– as concurred with the implicated– the suspects then can abandon the sessions– and later return to the tribunal.If the professionals take longer and end on Friday 10, the conclusions would be heard on Tuesday 14 in the existence of the accused.The distinction in between the tenth and fourteenth depends on the duration of the specialist witnesses.The conclusions will just take a day. After them, the final reports and claims will be heard until completion of June, with the attendance of the implicated unnecessary.The last word has the accused which should be present in the court on June 30, unless the

last allegations are dealt with quicker. (888011000110888 )The president of the hall has actually revealed calendar dates for Friday 10 or Tuesday 14 of June for

the King’s sibling to affirm once again.