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The judge is investigating Zaplana, López Viejo, Villa Mir and the father of Ignacio González in the Lezo case

Judge Eloy Velasco instructing the Lezo Case is investigating the former Work Minister, Eduardo Zaplana, vice-councillor of the presidency of the Madrid Community and implicated in Gürtel Alberto López Viejo and the businessmen Juan Miguel Villa Mir (OHL) and Joaquin Molpeceres (Licuas, Desprosa) and the father of Ignacio González Pablo González Liberal for the embezzlement from the Canal de Isabel II to presumably finance the PP campaign costs in Madrid

In relation to the suspects, figure the intimate circle and formed right hand man of Esperanza Aguirre with his wife Lourdes Cavero, his brother Pablo González and his brother in law José Juan Caballero.


Eduardo Zaplana – archive photo

Regarding the businessmen, Javier López Madrid (OHL), former directors of Canal de Isabel II Ildefonso de Miguel and María Fernanda Richmond or Edmundo Rodríguez Sobrino and the former manager of the information agency for the Madrid Regional Government, José Martínez Nicolás, Salvo Cavero and De Miguel are all accused

Their names figure in the 60 people over which Velasco is collecting evidence for their possible participation in the illicit network directed by Ignacio González, in the summary of items embargoed.

Regarding Zaplana, he is suspected of money laundering for González who had appropriated it illegally. The same procedure could lead to the charging of the father of Ignacio González who is alleged to have laundered funds belonging to his son via personal loans. Businessmen Villa Mir and Molpeceres figure as possible collaborators in the ‘B account’ in the PP Madrid. The judge asked for information on these suspects and companies last week.

Among those under close scrutiny are the businessman Adrián de la Joya, who had acted an intermediary for González to be paid by OHL, a commission of 1.4 million € or the former director general for infrastructures in the Madrid Regional Government, Jesús Trabada, responsible for train and metro railway tracks in which OHL participated.