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The Judiciary obliges the reopening of the investigation on the Alvia train crash in Santiago

The Provincial Court has ordered the Instruction Court 3 in Santiago to re-examine the proof over possible security problems on the tracks.

The first expression of the investigation, prior to the opening of the oral hearing just blamed the train motorist as the only one under investigation for the 80 deaths.The Victims platforms want all the politicians which had anything to do with the building and construction or management to be put under investigation.The Provincial Court of A

Coruña has bought the reopening of the guideline which investigated the causes of the mishap of the Alvia train, which resulted in 80 dead and a hundred hurt on June 24 2013, according to the Superior Justice Court of Galicia.The hall concludes the Instruction Court 3 in Santiago must continue to examine to reveal the doubts from professionals’ proof and peoples testimonies, especially the condition of the tracks of which the Alvia 04155 derailed.The Court obliges the clarification on the presence or not of an’ integrated examination and threat assessment relating to the tracks’provided the curvature where the mishap happened was understood to be harmful.’Sustain if indicators of

the threats of a mishap on the curve were not specifically evaluated (…) or could have been reduced (…) which did not take place’, verifies the court.Andrés Lago Louro,

titled in Instruction 3, would have closed the investigation, the step previous to the opening of the oral hearing, and where he determined all the responsibility lay with the train motorist, Francisco José Garzón Amo, as the only one under investigation and later who refused all the attract expand the investigations.The district attorney asked for

a sentence of four years in prison for the driver, who had confessed being sidetracked during the journey and had actually gotten in the curve at A Grandeira at a much faster velocity than allowed. The excess speed, according to the investigation, thwarted the train.Despite the examination commission set up by the Development Ministry only singled out the motorist, the survivors, families of the dead and the union for train motorists demand political obligations for the destruction in the tracks, and the absence of the ERTMS safety breaking system, which if functional would have prevented the tragedy.Among the irregularities discovered by the Platform Victims Alvia 04155 highlight the weight of

the convoy, 32 loads more than allowed, or that the RENFE insurance companies ruled ‘a foreseeable and intolerable danger ‘relating to the curve needs to have been mitigated.Julio Gómez-Pomar, president of Renfe went as far to admit’ signalling problems’ on that stretch of track.

Gonzaló Ferré has equivalent in Renfe, blamed the former minister accountable the socialist José Blanco for reducing security in the zone, Ferré confessed the ERTMS breaking system would have avoided the 80 deaths. Both were under procedural examination, by the Provincial Court in A Coruñan ordered the lifting of the charges.Ana Pastor, Development Minister, revealed the revision of all the comparable stretches of track immediately after the mishap. Her department also positioned a brand-new signing system on the curve and

customized all the procedures to enhance safety on all routes.The victims’ platform asked for the dismissal and processing if all those linked in the management of the facilities, however the Justice Ministry denied their petitions.Also the European Commission and the European Railways Agency have released their report

on the disaster and refer to as’essential ‘the clarification of obligations. The pressure campaigns have actually gotten 260,000 trademarks. The reopening of the Instruction and the revaluation of

the possible safety failings on the tracks, has actually given the collective brand-new hope. (888011000110888 )The Provincial Court has ordered the Instruction Court 3 in Santiago to re-examine the evidence over possible security issues on the tracks.