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The King’s Christmas Speech – complete

This is a full tranlated text of the third Chistmas speech since Felipe 6 was proclaimed King…’Good evening…

In these hours of Christmas I want to wish you, with the Queen and our daughters Leonor and Sofía, a happy party and our hope that 2017 will be a better year for everyone. And in a night such as today, to so many families who suffered the recent floods in our country, I want to tell them especially that they are present in our minds.

Christmas is birth and to celebrate with happiness and to have faith in the future. It’s moments like these, when our personal and collective sentiments of affection, of friendship and brotherhood, creating our coexistence. A patronage which deserves to be cared for by everyone and will should all help to protect it as the best we have and we are greater the more we are united.

As is tradition, allow me tonight to share some of my reflections over our present and above all our future, procuring to extract all that we have lived through, especially during 2016, which will help us to move ahead.

I have always said at the most difficult of times of our lifetime are the best opportunities to discover a new interior strength to show our character and our true dimension. During this year I have been in different places in our national geography, and I have to tell you after visiting all these villages and cities I have seen difficulties and problems for many of our compatriots, whoever is working honestly, in sacrifice and showing much capacity and talent and above all, a determination and enthusiasm to move ahead.

I have proven, once again, the value of family in our society, because this type of support has allowed many of us to overcome the poorest moments.

I have met workers and professionals, men and women, with a serene strength during these long and difficult years, without failing or resigning, sustaining a grand dignity and courage inside their families, lives and jobs.

I have also seen in many compatriots the decision to assume risks to create or defend their workplace and their value to get up and reinvent themselves after early dreams and sacrifices have vanished.

I can give, in addition, innumerable examples of solidarity. Many of us are generous with our knowledge, leisure and strength, and above all our hearts, to help those in need: you are quick to react to any emergency, proving whatever happens and friendly hand or a word of comfort, there are Spaniards who have demonstrated with works their grandness and deepest soul in our land.

As I have always and continuously witnessed the labour of our public servants who show an extraordinary vocation of serving the community, to guarantee our liberties, attending our hospitals and educating our children; many compatriots are, inside and outside Spain, work for our safety and security, defending our values and contributing to the advancement of science and the enrichment of culture. All these are images of our country and make the State function perfectly, and something we should celebrate today.

All this for me and for all you, is a motive and reason to feel proud and to give reason to hope, for our society to maintain these attitudes, these convictions and these values make us fearless for the future. I am sure our collected memories reserve a place of honour in our history for the times of sacrifice and denial, but also for generosity and surviving.

We have to continue to look ahead to construct our country and also Europe. We have to make an effort, step by step, day by day and with a positive spirit, for more prosperity and wellbeing as the basis of our coexistence. And for these various matters and concretely I want to refer to tonight.

It is certain that the crisis has imposed great sacrifices but today, however, we are living in the hope for a continuous and consolidated recovery, which allows us to create more jobs of quality and to correct the inequalities derived after the deep crisis we have lived, as strength in general, our social cohesion are guarantees to assure stability and equilibrium in our society.

In this sense, it is very important for many families to recover their lifestyle, for our youngsters to have more opportunities and a future of illusion, confidence for above all, those people who are most disadvantaged or the most vulnerable I am certain that nobody should be left alone on the road ahead which Spain has to face in the 21st century.

On the other hand, we have survived a complex and long running political situation as you well know. It is important now for our society to recover serenity and that the citizens can have the calm needed to move ahead with their own life projects. Also looking forward, dialogue and understanding between the political groups to preserve and impulse ideas different from ours. The intolerance and exclusion, the negation of the other or devaluing the opinions of others, should not be seen in today’s Spain.

Also inadmissible are attitudes of behaviours who ignore or depreciate the rights they have been granted and for all the Spaniards to organise a life in common. Breaking the norms which guarantee our democracy and freedom would give rise to tensions and sterile arguments which resolve nothing and then moral and material poverty in society.

Because progress, modernisation, and wellbeing always need democratic solidarity for respecting the laws, the wish to decide and loyalty to construct and not destroy our grandness by exhibiting weakness.

Because now is the moment to think about the Spain we want for the next few decades which will be for our youngsters today, and to strengthen them with solidity, and to do so we must concentrate our energies in looking at the world which surrounds us and then decide which way we want to go.

A very uncertain world with grand political and social challenges or in material for development and future security, for example, but among them I want to detain on the technological advances on a global scale, which is conditioning our daily lives.

We are living in new reality which has changed the world of communications and how we relate to each other, how we obtain enough news to form our own opinions and to make decisions, which has entered into our factories, companies and industries transforming the production processes and the job’s of the workers as we have seen. Our education system has seen transformation in our colleges, universities and training centres.
Never before in the history of Humankind, and over such as short period of time, has the world seen such dramatic changes.

Today we realise this is not only a technological revolution, but something much deeper. It is a new model which crosses frontiers, societies, generations and beliefs.

In this context, it is evident that we must learn to adapt to the unstoppable new reality and to develop all our abilities to become successful in science, the economy or culture, and also in industry which defines us. We must now wait for this change to suffocate us; we will have to change and be strong and use the strength necessary as a country by anticipating and assuming the necessary protagonism in the new era which opens before us.

An in these challenges, education is and will be without doubt the essential key. An education which is flexible and always updated along with humankind’s knowledge, but we must also consider other languages, civility and values, to prepare our youngsters to become citizens of the new freer world and to be more capable at taking advantage of our own experiences and those of our elders. An education to strengthen investigation impulse innovation, promote creativity and the entrepreneurial sprit to face the demands of society of the future which we are already witnessing.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time on a night which should be for family celebrations, although I must not end without saying that I sincerely believe in conscious, solidarity and firm in our values, distant from pessimism and the disillusion and disenchantment; I believe in Spain dedicated to overcome the difficulties which, although large, can be conquered.

I have no doubt that we will be able to overcome and understand we are living in an era where we have to look outwards – open to the world, and to be clear unity is essential, not fractures or internal fighting, but to agree on what unites us, by constructing more diversity, these are times when Spain must have open arms and hands outstretched, distant from anterior bad blood or to open closed wounds. Times finally for us to have motives and reasons that unions are more powerful as is to work together, from any part of this great country, with illusion ideas and to build projects for a better Spain.

This is what I feel and what I believe and I have a profound conviction to wish you all, on this night for everyone and for each of your families, a very happy Christmas.

Eguberri on / Bon Nadal / Boas festas, Buenas noches and a happy and prosperous 2017.