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The main points on the contract between the PP and Ciudadanos

The economy, social and institutional reforms are the basis of the accord created to let Mariano Rajoy to be invested on the 2nd round of voting on September 2.

The Economy Simplification of the labour model with 3 types of contract, among which links redundancy pay to the years served in the business, just like the single agreement recommended by Ciudadanos.


Photo-La Razón * New financial bonuses for business who sack the least employees, reform of the autonomous self-employed employees to bring more versatility and new aid, and a compromise to not increase taxes.Complete fulfilment of the financial amnesty, a plan to eliminate versus scams in the office and a revision of the list of financial paradises, removal of the solar tax, and to devote 2% of GDP to I+D research study and advancement in 2020.


Compromise to reverse the cuts in social policies, a brand-new social plan with an international fund of 28.5 billion EUR to be invested across the legislature on a complementary income for the low paid, a plan against infant poverty, payment in kind, increase maternity and paternity leave and equate them in the first year of the legislature from 18 weeks to 22 weeks and extending the time to 26 week in the 2nd year of Government.National accord versus residential violence; another nationwide accord on education: paralysing the application of the LOMCE and totally free text books.Institutional reforms 12 of the 20 members of the National Commission for Judicial Protection

for the very judges and not by Parliament, and the State Attorney can be reprobated of gotten rid of by Parliament.In the Constitutional Court an increased list of the incompatibilities for the magistrates, and increase in the Justice budget plan of 10 %. Working table of professionals to consider Constitutional reform.Reform of the Senate to make it a really’regional accessibly’and to decrease the numbers of senators, implement a costs cut of 1 billion EUR on public companies and the Diputación provincial governments, stop the revolving doors from politics to judiciary, and a brand-new electoral reform to make the outcome more proportional.An integral law versus corruption with a brand-new criminal activity of prohibited or illegal enrichment; give much better protection for individuals who make a legal problem or knock a person.Reform of the Law for autonomous financing in the first month of the legislature and a Pact for Spain: no referendums on self-reliance.( 888011000110888)The economy, social and institutional reforms are the basis of the accord designed to let Mariano Rajoy to be spent for the second round of ballot on September 2.