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The opposition has censured the posture of Rajoy

Mariano Rajoyy saw ‘inquisitional jealousy’ towards himself in his testimony for the Gürtel Case.

PSOE spokesman, Margarita Robles, asked for the resignation of the prime minister – Iglesias and Rivera were both very critical of Mariano Rajoy, who saw as ‘useless’ his appearance in Congress for the ‘Gürtel Case’


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Prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, starred in the extraordinary planning meeting in Congress to respond over the Gürtel case and the financing of his party using a B account. Rajoy finalised his first testimony, during which he failed to mention Gürtel, by placing doubt on the whole procedure and reproaching the opposition for motives distinct from controlling Government.

For their parts, PSOE spokesman, Margarita Robles and Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos, both reproached his lack of assuming political responsibility. Robles called for the dismissal of Rajoy and Iglesias described him as ‘incompetent’ for not understanding anything or if he had lied. The leader of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera, said, for his part, that Rajoy ‘has no word’

Rajoy had tried to star in his first turn of 35 minutes, in which he remembered he had attended ’52 interventions related with corruption’ and recorded the actions of his Government against corruption and he criticised the intentions of the opposition for ‘meekly’ assuming the ‘imputations and sentences which you have established’

Rajoy ended his speech by remembering the priorities of his Government, among which he cited the fight against terrorism and the economic recovery and his undertaking to continue fighting against corruption, and repeated his uncertainty that this type of debate is ‘useful’

‘In Spain there is no immunity and the fight against corruption. We have reinforced the prevention, control and sanctions, in favour of improving ourselves’