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The Police has detained in Spain, fifty members of a Georgian gang

Most of the detentions were in Madrid and Barcelona; and this gang is alleged to have committed more than 100 burglaries across the country.

The National Police has detained today, Tuesday, across several Spanish provinces, around fifty members of the main criminal Georgian gang on an international level, with more than 100 home thefts, according to police sources.

The operation continues open, and developed from the early hours with 25 home searches in their main areas of criminal activity, the two largest cities in Spain, and arrests are also expected in their homeland.

In the framework of this operation, there is an arrest warrant on the leader of this gang so-called ‘a thief of law’, Spartak J. who is thought to be in Italy.

The operation is being carried out by the Central Organised Crime Brigade and the Judicial Police in Madrid and is being coordinated by the Central Instruction Court 3 of the National Court with the anti-corruption prosecutor.

A mobile office from Europol and various French police as part of their Organised Crime Unit, have travelled to Spain, while two Spanish agents have gone to Georgia, given arrests are expected there.

The Police estimate this Georgian gang is an international criminal organisation which has committed more thefts and burglaries in an international ambit.