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The PP has appealed the bail of 1.2 million in the Bárcenas case

The party alleges when the judge stipulated the amount, he did not take into consideration the possessions already transferred.

The PP has actually appealed the payment of 1.2 million EUR for being vicariously accountable in the Bárcenas case for the supposed B accounting, alleging that judge José de la Mata had actually not considered the already deposited possessions by a few of those straight accountable.


PP head office – archive photo ‘We would have had to finance 15.6 million EUR’ for all the implicated and the PP does not understand ‘why the stated quantity, has not considered what it must have done’. The PP is attempting to escape being charged as an identity and thinks about the amounts currently deposited must be enough.The PP believe

José de la Mata has ‘erred’ by requesting the cash from the party when the real accused are yet to please the total bail amount requested– the former PP treasurers Luis Bárcenas (8.9 million EUR), Álvaro Lapuerta (the very same) and Cristóbal Páez (7.4 million) and the architects office Unifica who reformed the PP headquarters in Calle Génova has to pay four million.The PP competes the civil responsibility of the implicated is’joint and in uniformity ‘therefore the celebration’ will only react if any the others are insolvent’ and for the celebration to cover just one of these is amount enough to comply.( 888011000110888)The party declares when

the judge specified the quantity, he did not consider the assets currently deposited.