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The presentation of the PSOE candidates for the primaries has started

The pre-candidates have three days to formalise their candidatures and then have two weeks to collect guarantors ahead of the vote by the PSOE membership on May 21.

The primaries election for the PSOE between Pedro Sánchez, Susana Díaz and Patxi López will be activated today for three days until the 19th and after the holiday break and the unexpected death of Carmen Chacón, the socialists are now opening an internal debate to elect a general secretary during the 39th Federal Congress on June 17 and 18.


Susana Díaz and Pedro Sánchez – PSOE achive photo

Three months ago, the former Lehendakari Patxi López opened up the competition with a long and officious pre-campaign for the primaries and the leadership of PSOE, which opens at midnight and closes on May 21 with the voting by the membership.

None of the three aspirers have underlined any calendar date to launch their candidacy at a large rally, and according to sources in their surroundings, phone calls or letters will be sent to obtain the validity of 9,000 guarantors (5% of the total census) for the voting.

According to the census which the Federal Committee closed on April 1, the PSOE has 177,902 affiliates which relates to each candidature obtaining at least 8,895 guarantors, although the number is not set in concrete until the PSOE Manager approves on April 28.

Between May 5 and 8 the votes will be counted and any questions or challenges resolved for the campaign to open on May 9 until May 20
One internal debate inside the PSOE headquarters in Calle Ferraz is expected in the middle of the campaign, as seen in 2014 primaries