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The prosecution calls 16 years imprisonment of six sons of José María Ruiz Mateos

They are accused, with their father of constructing a pyramid selling scam with Group Nueva Rumasa.

The anti-corruption prosecutor has requested a total of 16 years in prison for each one of the brothers Álvaro, Zoilo, José María, Pablo, Francisco Javier and Alfonso Ruiz Mateos in the framework of ‘Nueva Rumasa’ case.


José María Ruiz-Mateos – achive photo

In the written accusation presented today before the National Court, the prosecutor itemises that all of them are accused of crimes of bribery – requesting nine years in prison, money laundering another four years and illegal enrichment for another three years.

Also accused are Zollo Pazos Jiménez and Alfonso Barón Rivero, both members of the Ruiz Mateos family, and workers and collaborators in Nueva Rumasa Manual Sánchez Marín, José Ramón Romero, Rufino Romero de la Rosa and Ricardo Álvarez Castaño.

The case dates back to the period 2009-2011 when the family company presided by José María Ruiz-Mateos came up with the idea of setting up a pyramid system, via the emission of promissory notes for the group already in financial difficulties which obtained 337 million € defrauded from 4,100 individuals who were left indebted by 289 million €, according to anti-corruption.

The thesis of the prosecutor is the funds captured ‘were redirected into a single account at branch of Etcheverría in Madrid, which the accused used according to their needs’ in the group, although they also raided the account ‘for excessive personal costs inside the family clan’.