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The Prosecutor calls for prison with bail set for Urdangarin at 200,000 €

Pedro Horrach reclaimed a cautionary 100,000 € for Diego Torres – the former Duke of Palma was booed and abused when he arrived at the Provincial Court

Iñaki Urdangarin arrived at 10:15 at the Palma Provincial Court and was welcomed by shouts of ‘thief’ and ‘fraudster’ among others. He arrived in a Nissan Juke, accompanied by two police bodyguards, since his arrival at Palma airport.


Archive photo

With a very serious expression as he got out of the backseat of the car when he was insulted. Dressed a blue jacket and dark trousers, with tie and waistcoat, and he was carrying a rucksack.
The husband of the Infanta greeted nobody and in a few seconds he had entered the court building.

The hearing started with British punctuality at 10:30 and lasted hardly half an hour. Inside the hall, in addition to the two accused, were three magistrates, the lawyers for the defence ad the prosecutor Pedro Horrach, and the personal accusers.