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The prosecutor ordered an investigation if the Govern has illegally obtained fiscal data

The State Attorney General wants to prove the revelation that the Senator for ERC, Santiago Vidal over the Catalan Govern had illegally obtained fiscal data on the Catalan people and ordered the judges in Cataluña to be put under investigation.

The publication of diverse conferences during which the Senator made express reference to actions which, to be proved, would suppose a serious infringement against the rights of the citizens, has taken place so the Attorney General, José Manuel Maza, ordered today for the Cataluña high prosecutor, José María Romero de Tejada, to open diligences.


Santiago Vidal – archive photo

To this end, the investigations into the facts in defence of the legality, and in respect to the constitutional institutions in the observance of the fundamental rights of the citizens, the State Attorney General will be informed.

Santiago Vidal has now abandoned his seat as Senator given the investigation opened against him.