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The PSOE has actually accepted a ‘face to deal with’ with just Sánchez and Rajoy

Although PSOE Organisation secretary César Luena continues to firmly insist the PSOE must be open to all arguments.

César Luena opened the Electoral Committee today by announcing his party PSOE will accept a ‘face to deal with’ argument just with the acting Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy and the socialist prospect Pedro Sánchez.


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César Luena-picture Luena validated this position where, he stated, Ciudadanos have their right to provide their own proposals and opinions on who continues to be Prime Minister ‘who has only one replacement, and that is Pedro Sánchez’

The offer wound up framed only for Rajoy, and no one stated anything about a ‘face to face’ with Pablo Iglesias or for Albert Rivera. But Luena firmly insisted previous history revealed the PSOE had gone to all the arguments, without stating much more.Socialist sources noted they have actually gotten a demand for a four-way argument, which they had actually accepted, and just recently from Antena 3 TELEVISION for the two-way with Rajoy.Outside the subject of

arguments, Luena encouraged everybody to campaign for the election a month away, ‘the PSOE plays to win, and we will win, as we are the only celebration which can beat the PP ‘, he insisted.The’second’of the PSOE was really critical of Rajoy, whom he described as a candidate for the B series, who has administered a Government by lying and has his own celebration embargoed’. Luena provided the PSOE as the’modification with guarantee and security ‘and insisted his celebration knows how to remedy the issues dealing with Spain,’because this solution is not discovered in Venezuela, or in Panama, gone by the social democrats.He assured the PSOE has a strong program for Government, placing on the table shock measures against unemployment and assured to have joblessness halve at the end of the legislature.After his intervention, the Federal Committee meeting continued behind closed doors, to start planning to a busy month

to come.However, Rajoy has rejected the ‘face to deal with’and accepts the four ways. The PP Parliamentary Spokesman, Rafael Hernando, described the PSOE offer as

a joke and said the PP will now explore’a more plural formula’