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Two detained for Jihadism in Bilbao and Las Palmas

The arrested are two radicalised men from Algeria and Morocco and were in Spain illegally.

Two men were detained today Tuesday accused of promoting Jihadism in Bilbao and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in two operations by the Guardia Civil and National Police respectively.


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In Bilbao, the Guardia Civil detained in number 1 of Street General Castillo a man accused of praising, indoctrinating and diffusing terrorism ideas from Daesh. The 44 year old Algerian has the initials S.M.

The agents arrived at his home after 6am this morning in the San Francisco district of Bilbao. The Interior Ministry has assured the man being held in custody had show signs of radicalisation previously and had taken part in the financing and offered logistical support, and was found with falsified papers in the name of Al Qaeda. However, recently he had become a hermit swallowed up by terrorist propaganda.

He made up for his absence in the street by spending hours on the internet where he had established a spider’s web of identities on Facebook which he had used to show the most violent of behaviours. He was also careful about security.

Now the detectives will be combing through Facebook to see the extent of his reach both nationally and internationally in zones of conflict.

Meanwhile, agents of the National Police have detained in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a 33 year old Moroccan who was promoting ‘violent jihadism’ according to the Interior Ministry.
The detectives consider the arrested ‘constituted a potential threat to national security, having manifested his intentions for carrying out a terrorist attack of grand dimension.

The detained, here illegally, has been monitored since 2012, given his very dangerous profile, and recently his opinions and actions had become more radicalised to adopt a ‘fundamentalist aesthetic’ both in his physique and form of dress, extending him into radicalising all in his power, even family members, a sort of religious conversion in favour of ISIL and Daesh.

Since 2015 when the Interior Ministry lifted the Anti-terrorist Alert Level to 4, the Security Forces and Bodies have detained 187 jihadist terrorists.