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Two men have died in a drink as much as you can contest in Palencia

Five onlookers have been taken into custody for not helping the victims who died of alcoholic poisoning

Five been are being held as the presumed authors of the crime of failing to help a victim, in the case when two men both aged 39 have died, and found yesterday morning in their home in Villaluenga de la Vega (Palencia) after drinking massive amounts of alcohol.


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The Court of Carrión de los Condes (Palencia) is investigating the deaths of the two Rumanians, whose bodies were found without any signs of violence, and ordered the custody of the five compatriots for the crime of an omission to help, according to the Government Sub-delegation in Palencia.

The Guardia Civil has taken charge of the investigation and is awaiting the results of the autopsies to confirm the cause of death.

The Rumanians were part of a local community of some compatriots and were perfectly integrated into the small village of some 70 inhabitants. It was agreed by the neighbours they were good and working people and had never been in any problems before.