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Younes Abouyaaqoub has been identified is the fugitive from Barcelona.

The Catalan Mossos police confirmed the 22 year old born in Morocco, who remains whereabouts unknown, is the driver of the van which killed some 14 in Las Ramblas last Thursday,

72 hours have passed since the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils in which an Islamic cell rapidly radicalised by the Imam in Ripoll caused the deaths of some 14 people. The investigations continue centred on the Imam and how he was able to brainwash two brothers to join the bloody Jihad, as controls are stepped up to try to locate Spain’s most wanted criminal.


Younes Abouyaaqoub

The final tally of 14 dead, at least 132 injured from 35 different nationalities. Five confirmed Spanish victims. A resident of the Catalan town Rubi and the three year old wife’s niece, a 75 year old woman from Sant Hipólit de Voltregà (Barcelona), a woman from Zaragoza and another victim of Hispanic-Argentine nationalities.

Of the 132 injured, 51 remain admitted to hospital of which 9 are critical according to Catalan Emergencies.

Tourists were the hardest hit, tragically including some children. Nationalities range from German, Algerian, Argentinean, Australian, Belgium, Moroccan, Canadian, Chinese, Colombian, Cuban, Ecuadorian, Egyptian, Spanish, US American, Philippine, French, British, Greek, Dutch, Taiwanese, Honduran, Rumanian, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Kuwaiti, Macedonian, Mauritanian, Pakistani, Peruvian, Portuguese, Dominican, Turkish and Venezuelan, according to the provisional balance from Catalan Civil Protection.

35-year-old Bruno Gulotta, lived close to Milan and worked for the computer magazine ‘Tom’s Hardware’. His 28-year-old wife Martina and their two sons, seven-month-old Aria and six-year-old Alexandre survived by the mother’s rapid action, she suffered a fractured foot and elbow.

25-year-old Luca Russo – an engineer and was on holiday in Barcelona with his girlfriend who was only slightly injured.

44-year-old Elke Vannbockrijck was on holiday. Mother of two children aged 14 and 11 and resident of Lieja, two other Belgians are injured, one seriously

United States
42-year-old Jared Tucker, was on holiday with his wife Heidi celebrating their first year of marriage – ABC news noted he had separated from his wife to go to the bathroom and she had stayed in the street buying some souvenirs when she was launched inside a kiosk and later couldn’t find her husband.

Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced the death of a woman aged 74 from Lisbon and her granddaughter aged 20. Both were new arrivals in the city, had dropped their luggage in a hotel and were out walking for the first time.

Ian Moore Wilson – was walking with his wife Valerie when the attack on la Ramblas started, according to their daughter Fiona Wilson, departmental sergeant in Vancouver Police. The husband died and his widow placed on Facebook a message thanking those who tried to save the life of my father, who assisted by mother. Valerie was sent to emergencies.

7-year-old Julian Cadman missing immediately alerted his family although initially the Mossos said they only knew he was in hospital. His death confirmed yesterday. He was on holiday with his mother Joan who remains in hospital. The father has arrived in Barcelona.