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A cocaine addict has obtained 173,000 € for disability benefit caused by the drug

The Supreme Court has agreed with the woman who noted her health insurance company had not questioned her mental health when she signed the contract.

This despite she did not admit to previous psychotic episodes caused by the drug. So the addict will be paid by the company Rural Vida S.A. the amount from her life insurance for disability. Neither was she aware that chronic use of cocaine was mentally dangerous.

‘The insurance company was not precise in their questionnaire with the consequence the subject was not tagged as a high cost at the time of the agreement’ said the Supreme. So the company will now pay 171,939.45 € to the drug taker, a woman who suffers psychosis as a consequence.

The woman declared when she signed that she was in good health ‘and was able to work’ and denied suffering any illnesses or injuries which had required medical treatment.

At this time, in February 2009, the woman had been several years under treatment for possible psychosis and in 2011 she was diagnose with paranoid schizophrenia and was declared in a situation of permanent incapacity.

The Valencia Provincial Court had ruled in favour of the legitimacy of the insurance company.