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Breaking Briefs – Wednesday May 31, 2017

At least five detained in a anti-drug operation in Pollença and Alcúdia
The Guardia Civil has searched five homes in the two localities and confiscated are large amount of drugs, yet to be counted and a great deal of cash – more detentions have not been ruled out.

The two Britons aged 28 and 29 have been placed before the courts
Both accused of attempted homicide – both were drunk and one had taken cocaine
The verdict will decide the immediate imprisonment or a release on bail

Youth detained for driving at 200kph and sending life video to Instagram
To transmit the video on his smartphone he had taken one hand off the steering wheel for a total of 43 seconds – he was captured by the National Police routinely combing the social networks

Los Mossos d’Esquadra have detected foreigners being fooled when criminals deliberately break a wing-mirror on hire cars or foreign number plated cars – they offer an immediate solution at a price between 1,200 and 1,500 € – Police say watch out and don’t pay

Two years jail for the owner a bar in Ibiza for excess noise
The accused condemned for the crime of acoustic contamination, manipulated the sound limiters in his club
The complainants a couple with a 20 month old baby nearby, suffered constant insomnia and anxiety and needed psychiatric help.
The crime also against the environment and a fine of 2.520 € with a two year ban on running any club or bar with music.