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Captured for faking prescriptions to sell drugs

A joint operation between the National Police and Guardia Civil dismantled a network which falsified some 50,000 prescriptions to buy benzodiazepine to sell it on in Morocco

Once the false prescriptions were prepared, they acquired the pills via passers-by to visit pharmacies from across Spain. 18 people have been arrested implicated in the falsification, distribution of prescriptions and the acquisition and sale of the medicaments for the alleged crimes against public health, belonging to a criminal organisation and document falsification.

The main narcotic used elaborate the drug was known as ‘karkubi’ consumed in the poorest strata of Moroccan society which produces hallucinations and psychotropic conducts.

The operation started in the month of April 2015 after a chemist in Cádiz was inspected by the Cádiz Territorial Pharmacy Inspectorate which discovered an increase in the falsification of prescriptions from private doctors to obtain a medicament with the main ingredient clonazepam, and then informed agents from the National Police.

Meanwhile, the Guardia Civil opened their investigation in August 2015 in the same direction when a member of the Cádiz Doctors College discovered his name had been used on false prescriptions in the provinces of Sevilla, Granada and Almería.

The two security bodies then used data supplied by the Central Intelligence Centre against Terrorism and Organised Crime (CITCO in Spanish) and decided to work together.

False prescriptions were flooding across the county from south to north and east to west with the main suspects for acquiring the drugs were residents of Algeciras or Ceuta.

Thanks to the meticulous analysis of the data obtained the drug falsifiers and distributors were caught, some 18 suspects members of a criminal organisation dedicated to falsification of prescriptions, distribution and purchasing and selling drugs.