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Cocaine free – with Lidl bananas!

Cocaine free – with Lidl bananas!

One of the biggest drug busts of the year happened today when police announced finding over 100 kilos of cocaine hidden inside bananas on display in Lidl’s supermarkets across Madrid.

“Something went wrong”

Police surrounded Lidl supermarkets across Madrid and sniffer dogs examined the fruit section of every one of the discount supermarkets after a Lidl store worker found packages of cocaine inside the bananas he was putting on display.

Lidl’s said that the discovery was “a shock” and said it was cooperating with police, according to El Mundo newspaper.

It appears that bananas were slit open and small packages of the drug hidden inside the fruit before it left Ecuador.

A Lidl’s store worker told of how “three or four police cars turned up in the carpark and sealed off the fruit section, before sending dogs through; they then put all the fruit on a central table and opened them. Occasionally they would shout out “here’s one!” as they ripped the fruit apart looking for drug bags”.

Police say that they assume someone was to have intercepted the drug once it arrived in Spain.

However, for whatever reason, Lidl representatives bought the fruit at open auction in Madrid’s fruit market (Mercamadrid) before distributing it to supermarkets across Madrid.

Cocaine infected bananas have been found at six different Lidl’s across Madrid, as well as their Caceres and Plascencia stores, all supplied by Mercamadrid.

Police say that obviously the supermarket had nothing to do with the drug, having simple bought the fruit at open market – Police are now trying to dis over why the drug traffickers did not intercept the drug before it reached open market.

Lidl has removed all Madrid sourced bananas from sale across the central region of Spain, according to press reports.

Early reports that the drug was actually heroin have been corrected.