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Congress has rejected the idea from Unidos Podemos to decriminalise euthanasia

It was voted against by the PP, Foro Asturias and UPN while the other parties all abstained. (86 in favour and 131 against)

The abstainers argued the matter was not a priority, requires long and detailed debate and could present ‘important deficiencies’.


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In defence the Unidos Podemos member Marta Sibina Camps claimed ‘majority social support’ regarding the regulation over euthanasia, compared to the ‘liberty and right to decide over life which is kidnapped by this Chamber’

Also from Unidos Podemos, Alberto Garzón, called on the PSOE and Ciudadanos to modify their votes to create an organic law over euthanasia – to make today historic for our country’

The leader of Unidos Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, said he expected nothing from the PP ranks or ‘the liberals from the XIX century’, in reference to Ciudadanos, but called on PSOE to have ‘dignity’ to not support a law for euthanasia.

From the PP, Pilar Cortés, qualified the motion as ‘untimely’ and remembered the agreement between PP and Ciudadanos includes the approval of a law for death with dignity for people in palliative care, without considering active euthanasia or any inadequate final sedation.

In the name of PSOE, Gregorio Cámera considered a debate should be sedate over the regulation of euthanasia, and assisted suicide in Spain, to establish ‘a wide consensus’ over material regarding dignity and the nucleus of the fundamental rights of the people, but considered it a priority to establish regulations to protect death with dignity.

For Ciudadanos, Francisco Igea lamented ‘demagogy had been at the centre of discussions’ and Unidos Podemos have no exclusivity on compassion, and he censures this law without guarantees and regulates the ‘assisted suicide’ or the right to die by the hands of another.