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More than 100 apprehended for illegally presenting Chinese into the EU.

Agents from the Spanish National Police and security forces in Britain, France and Italy have uncovered the illegal individuals trafficking network.

The criminal trafficking network utilized Spanish airports to arrive in Europe and then the Chinese passengers were sent out to Britain, France or Italy. According to a Spanish National Police spokesman, all the member of the criminal network was of Chinese origin.Among the arrested are the leaders of the operation at Spanish airports of Madrid, Barcelona. Málaga, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante and Arrecife used as staging posts to send on their compatriots into Europe.During the authorities operation two home searches were carried out where the representatives found 150 fake passports from distinct Asian citizenships, and many information storage devices which are now being inspected by expert police.The examination began at the end of 2013, when various Spanish

airports started to produce detentions of Chinese residents with an ever enhancing frequency when they were about to depart to the United Kingdom and Ireland, utilizing incorrect passports.Shortly after, the agents developed a typical nexus operating across Spain, France, England and China

, and who were keeping close contact with other comparable people trafficking groups both in Spain and throughout Europe.The Chinese members of the network, captured individuals in China who wished to leave the country, principally to Britain for a quantity of money which differed by destination and facilities costs.Then they started to legalise for the immigrants might live in the Schengen zone utilizing 2 procedures, direct flights between China and Europe using passports and visas taken from third parties, or by scaling the trip utilizing big amounts of phony files to complicate their detention when crossing frontiers.To arrive in Spain, by coming to distinct airports in an effort to conceal from frontier and custom-mades controls, however they were quickly identified in the airports discussed above. Once inside Europe they would be gathered by members of the gang and set into so called– ‘patera flats ‘often visited by immigrants of Moroccan origin.While they were in this cottage their previous travel documents were eliminated and they were required to remain as brand-new falsified documents were for their last destinations. The falsifications were made in China and the documents were sent by transportation companies.Once the proper documents had been acquired, the criminal organisation would purchase the airplane tickets in Italian travel agents with destination UK and Ireland primarily. The labour of these middlemans were established by a process called ‘snakehead ‘who are guys of overall confidence of the network and with broad experience with all the European airports and cities utilized by the traffickers, including judicial and authorities procedures. Their function was to direct and accompany the traveller to keep strict control over their various stages of their journeys.According to the Police, their exceptional feature was they were hermetically sealed in a perfect structure with members synchronising their actions. Participating in the operation were representatives from the Central Brigade for Foreigners and Frontiers, the Provincial Brigades for Foreigners and Frontiers in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Málaga, Mallorca and Alicante, the Arrecife airport and Local Police Station in Reus, with the Madrid British Embassy Risk and Liaison Overseas Network (RALON)and the O.C.R.I.E.S.T of the French cops and the Italian Frontier Police.(888011000110888 )Agents from the Spanish National Police and security forces in Britain, France and Italy have actually revealed the illegal people trafficking network.