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Sex and name changes in Spain have doubled over the last 5 years

The changes of names and sex in the Civil Registry have almost doubled over the last five years – mostly men who feel like women and a growing trend in the under 30’s

According to data from the Government after a parliamentary question placed by the socialist member Antonio Hurtado, 280 Spanish men or women changed sex and name in 2012, compared to 459 in 2016

Since March 2007 when the Law for gender identity was passed, any adult citizen had request their inscription in the Civil Registry to be changed when he or she feels they are of an opposite gender, without having to resort to reassignment surgery as established the previous legislation.

The law sees no problem in changing name at the time of changing sex.

One month after it’s approval, Julio Cuesta, who was then 50 years old, became the first Spanish transsexual to obtain an official change of identity via administration and without surgery

Despite being born in the body of a woman, he always felt manly, which led him at the age of 20 to embark on the process to change sex, thankful for all the support from his family.

From 2012 – 2016 a total of 1,676 Spaniards have emulated Cuesta. Of them 996 were men who felt like women and the other 680 cases were for women at birth.

‘Spanish society has assumed transsexualism as progress in a modern society and they no longer have to hide in the closet’ said Hurtado.

Using data from the Cabinet, 60 children (under 18’s) have changed sex and name in the Civil Registry between 2012 and 2016 (44 were born male) thank always to tolerant and understanding parents being implicated in the changes desired in their offspring’ said the socialist member.

The 18 to 30 year old make up 54% of the total and 67% of the women.
Males under the age of 30 make up 46% in parallel to the 31-50 age group (41%).

After the age of 50 data shows only 6.9% of the total men and 2.3% of the total women.