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The King is to satisfy on Tuesday the definitive leaders to conserve the legislature.

PP, PSOE and Podemos will close the third and last round of examinations.

As has occurred on previous occasions those with the most parliamentary support will be called last.So Mariano Rajoy will be welcomed by the head of State at 17.30, Pedro Sánchez from PSOE at 16.30 and Pablo Iglesias from Podemos at 13.00. The smaller celebrations gain an audience during the early morning, Ciudadanos(Albert Rivera), In typical we can( Xavier Domènech), and Compromís(Joan Baldovi). On Monday between 10am and 7pm, Felipe VI will welcome the 8 spokespersons from Nueva Canarias, Foro Asturias, Coalition Canaries, Union

of Pueblo Navarra, Unity Popular-Izquierda Unida, Basque Nationalist Party, and Democracy and Freedom.The Catalan celebration Cataluña Republican Left and the Basque Bildu have actually not been invited by the King.According to the last action marked by post 99 of the Constitution, the King will call on Thursday those parties represented in Congress, after the fiasco of the two earlier rounds.In the first

, Mariano Rajoy with the most chosen celebration PP, decreased to be sent to Congress for an absence of support.Secondly the failure of Pedro Sánchez and PSOE who put all his eggs in the Ciudadanos basket, but failed to work out a parliamentary majority to form a Government.The King will quickly understand on Monday and Tuesday if there is any possibility to conserve the 11th legislature, or otherwise, the have to proceed to dissolve the Cortes and call another election.On Tuesday 26, after the consultations, the chief of State will communicate to the president of the Congress of Deputies his conclusions over if any margin is delegated save this legislature, or the repeated elections.The limit in both cases expires at midnight May 2, when two months have actually passed since the first mess by Sánchez.

The next day Spain will have a new prime minister or the King will sign the dissolution of both chambers, and call another election.(888011000110888 )PP, PSOE and Podemos will close the third and last round of