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The number of immigrant arrivals has doubled so far this year

For the first half of 2017 compared to the first half of last year, informed Interior minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido

Appearing in Congress, Zoido said that until July 16 the number of irregular immigrants to arrive in Spain by land or sea was 10,751 and only in June 2,189 crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in 84 pateras.


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‘Of the total number, 3,204 arrived from Ceuta or Melilla, an increase of 104% compared to the same period last year’ said Zoido in his appearance to explain the polices of his department.

The Strait of Gibraltar has been used by African migrants in search of a better life in Europe, although recent tightening of frontier controls have sent the migrants to move further east, in majority from Libya.

Spain is currently welcoming far fewer migrants than those leaving Libya and arriving in Italy or Greece

Tragically, last year a record number of migrants tried to cross the Mediterranean, when almost 5,000 died, according to the International Organisation for Migration.