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The Police have actually broken up a drug trafficking network throughout several provinces and with 25 detained

They have taken apart 4 marihuana plantations and intercepted a lorry bring 25 kilos of marihuana and nine of hashish

The National Police consider they have obstructed among the large scale drug operations based in Spain however across Europe and of the 25 arrested, 20 men and 5 females aged in between 19 and 55 in the provinces of Albacete, Valencia, Jaén, Alicante and Baleares. Among the apprehended the leader, a well know drug runner based in Albacete according to the Police General Direction.The apprehended likewise trafficked in other drugs, such as cocaine and psychotropic drugs, which created large profits hidden in a tangled society of trading in rare-earth elements and electronic cigarettes.The operation started with the stopping of the lorry when loaded with drugs in the Camporroso Industrial Estate, Chinchilla de Montearagón (Albacete)and discovered the abovementioned drugs hidden within. Of the 4 plantations of marihuana three were dismantled the province of Albacete and one on the island of Ibiza.Other products consisting of vehicles were impounded in Ibiza and other regions: 1,400 g of cocaine

, 12 kilos of hashish, 65 kilos of marihuana, part of which was vacuum loaded for far away distribution, 150 dosages of ecstasy, 123 dosages of LSD, 8.33 grams of MDMA, 10,000 EUR in cash, a rifle and 2 fake pistols.Those in custody had produced a specialist structure for the growing, transport and sale of varied drugs. They had a network of suppliers in other provinces, such as Cuenca or Granada, who had plantations, and who gave assessment and collaboration with people connected into the technical horticulture sector and the extreme growing of wild marijuana.( 888011000110888 )They have dismantled four marihuana plantations and intercepted a lorry carrying 25 kilos of marihuana and nine of hashish