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The PP guarantees the Constitution allows Rajoy to be absent from the investiture

Martínez-Maillo kept in mind there are situations with the Constitution has not considered and ‘therefore stated situation is not prohibited’.

The PP deputy Organisation secretary in the PP, Fernando Martínez-Maillo, confessed today Friday that the possibility exists for Mariano Rajoy to not present himself for election.
‘Yesterday, he didn’t state he wouldn’t do so however neither did he say he would, but this possibility exists’.


Fernando Martínez-Maillo Regardless of post 99.2 of the Constitution states the prospect proposed by the King to form a Government will then present his program to Congress. Maillo kept in mind once again the Constitution had not considered what Mariano Rajoy carried out in January, decreasing to be invested, and he deduced that ‘those who composed our Constitution could never ever have actually imagined the scenario of clog with Spain is suffering’.

In any case, he feels the date for the Investiture would be settled by the needs the Government has to deal with under their compromises with Brussels, which would be highlighted by the date for the State General Budgets.The draft for

the Budgetary law will be heard in Congress on September 30th, as it needs to be authorized in the Cabinet on the previous Friday 23rd, although there could be an extraordinary Cabinet meeting– to approve the State Budgets under the spending ceiling.Maillo defended

the development of Government is’the responsibility of everybody’and not only Rajoy, and now it seems the PSOE and Ciudadanos are prepared to begin talking. He benefited from the minute to ask the leader of Ciudadanos, Albert Rivera to stop vetoing Mariano Rajoy and be prepared to work out with the individual handed over by the Monarch, in the exact same method he is prepared to speak to Pedro Sánchez.