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Unidos Podemos has registered a motion of censure against Rajoy

Their announcement against the Mariano Rajoy Government comes just two days before the PSOE primary elections and with Pablo Iglesias as their candidate,

The motion was presented by a group leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias, spokeswoman Irene Montero, the spokesmen from In Common We Can Xavier Doménech, and from La Marea Antón Gómez-Reino and the federal coordinator of IU, Alberto Garzón.

Irene Montero confirmed the election of Pablo Iglesias as their alternative candidate taken by the parliamentary group who were in agreement as he is ‘most prepared and has most popular support’ to head a ‘collective and alternative project’ for Spain.

Now, the Spanish equivalent of the Speaker must confirm the requirements needed to present this motion of censure have been met and once accepted the parties affected will be informed.

After two days, then those who oppose can present their alternatives, and a vote on the first censure has to be before five days has passed.