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Urdangarin pleads innocence as his role was as ‘mediator’ in the Nóos Case

He assured his intention was to use his personal contacts in the world of sport and the state institutions as a flag bearer for the Baleares to celebrate forums on tourism and sport.

Iñaki Urdangarin has requested the Supreme Court for his absolution in the Nóos case, alleging he only acted as ‘a mediator without any knowledge on Administrative Law’ to achieve with his sporting and institutional contacts’ for the Baleares to host some forums on tourism and sport and to sponsor ‘the best cycling team in the world’


Iñaki Urdangarin

Parting from this thesis, Urdangarin described himself as ‘a friendly dealer’ according to his appeal imposed by his defence against the sentence from the Palma Provincial Court which condemned him to six years and three months in prison, for the crimes of breach of public duty, the misuse of public funds, administrative fraud, influence peddling and two fiscal crimes.

Also, he assured that he acted ‘aware that all his actions were legal and correct’ dumping his responsibility for the granting of tenders onto a scape goat, his former partner Diego Torres, vice-president of Nóos, who also called for his pardon from the Supreme Court.

The husband of the Infanta Cristina de Borbón understood the previous sentence was based on ‘illogical and absurd foundations lacking any solidity and the necessary legal responsibility’ and noted the judicial version was ‘more unprovable than provable’

The appeal presented for Diego Torres considered all the blame should be placed against the Royal Household, and their own controls on scholarships.

The Nóos case reached the Supreme on July 3 when the prosecution presented its appeal to increase the prison terms for the former Duke of Palma to a minimum of ten years and a maximum of fourteen, depending on the alternative sentence from the upper chamber.